19-24 months

Find out what milestones your baby should be reaching, and track your baby’s progress, using the helpful guidelines below.

Gross motor

  • Loves to climb in and out of items e.g. a box
  • Throws a ball underhand
  • Can climb up stairs holding onto railing
  • Climbs down stairs closer to 24 months
  • Kicks or pushes a ball forward when running into the ball
  • Takes a few steps backwards
  • Rolls a large ball forwards
  • Enjoys swinging and constantly wants to be pushed
  • Loves to dance and move to music
  • Climbs on and off furniture independently

 Fine motor

  • Builds a tower of 4 – 6 blocks
  • Feeds doll with a plastic spoon while holding a bowl in one hand
  • Opens doors, cabinets and drawers
  • Able to pick up small items using only 2 fingers
  • Scribbles with a crayon on paper
  • Can start to thread big beads on a thick string
  • Takes off own clothes especially socks and shoes
  • Feeds self with a spoon
  • Drinks from a cup without help


  • Starts putting words together – up to 3-word sentences
  • Constantly ask questions and names of items
  • Repeats words that they hear
  • Starts to ask for food
  • Points to pictures or items in a book when you name them
  • Understands almost 200 words
  • Sings simple songs
  • Uses simple pronouns (me, you, we)
  • Able to use “please” and “thank you”, but needs reminding sometimes
  • Talks to toys when playing, but some words are made-up words


  • Follows simple 2-step instructions
  • Loves cause and effect e.g. build a tower and knocks it over
  • Able to set simple goals e.g. decides to put dolls in a row before she/he starts to “feed” them
  • Shows preference to certain toys
  • Basic problem-solving skills develop e.g. they know if they move the chair next to the table, they would be able to reach on top of the table
  • Can remember where they have put everyday objects e.g. shoes, toothbrush

 Social - Emotional

  • Struggle to share their toys – very possessive
  • Enjoys helping at home
  • Talks about themself constantly
  • Likes to imitate grown-ups, especially caregivers
  • Says “no” for everything they are being asked to do
  • Struggles to wait
  • Shy towards unfamiliar people
  • Starts to express their likes and dislikes
  • Knows if what they are doing is right or wrong

Sensory and Perceptual

  • Starts to point to parts of the body
  • By the age of 24 months they can name at least 6 body parts
  • Able to complete 2 – 4-piece puzzles
  • Starts to sort items e.g. put all the teddy bears together and all the cars together
  • Enjoys sensory play e.g. plays in various textures such as sand, grass, mud etc
  • Able to identify familiar people or objects in a photo
  • Object permanence – child knows that the object does not disappear if you cover it with a blanket or cloth and can find the object underneath the blanket or cloth
  • Starts to know prepositions: under, over, up, down
  • Able to fit a circle and square in a shape puzzle

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